China denies benefitting from cancellation of US-North Korea talks

China denies benefitting from cancellation of US-North Korea talks

BEIJING: China on Friday rejected allegations that the cancellation of United States-North Korea talks bumped up its role among the global fraternity and, thereby, enhanced its bargaining power in the next round of Sino-US negotiations, a spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry said.

"China has always played an active and constructive role on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue and has no hidden intentions," Lu Kang, the spokesperson, stated.

“China upholds the goal of a nuclear-free peninsula, insists on maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula, and insists on resolving the issue of the peninsula through dialogue and consultation; this position has never changed” he added. 

Lu further said the Chinese side's role on the nuclear issue in the Korean peninsula is even more prominent. The position on Sino-US economic and trade relations was clear and open, he explained, adding that China believes that its economic and trade linkages with the US were essentially mutually beneficial.

“We hope that US leaders and government will focus on safeguarding world economic growth, safeguarding the interests of US consumers, and the business community, and will go in tandem with China to properly resolve Sino-US economic and trade relations,” Lu said.

The spokesperson said China hopes North Korea — officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea — and the US would treasure the positive progress achieved during the Korean Peninsula talks and continue working to resolve mutual concerns through dialogue and consultation.

The recent easing of dialogue did not come by easily, Lu noted, adding that the political settlement process faces a rare historical opportunity. He also commended the North and the US for showing their positive intentions — and active efforts — to promote denuclearisation.

“We believe that, as a party to the [Korean Peninsula's] nuclear issue, the DPRK and US leaders’ meeting will play a key role in promoting the denuclearisation of the peninsula,“ he added.

Lu stated that under the current situation, China hopes that the DPRK and the US would cherish the progress achieved so far, maintain patience, exchange goodwill, and move toward each other. AP