Yes US is tired of Afghanistan war, Taliban on rise

Yes US is tired of Afghanistan war, Taliban on rise

*ISLAMABAD:* President Donald Trump’s latest pick for national security adviser, John Bolton, says the United States cannot walk away from the war in Afghanistan because of the larger threat from the Taliban, the Islamic State terror group and al Qaeda, according to Voice of America.

Bolton, a former US ambassador to the United Nations who is widely known for his hardline views, is set to become Trump’s new national security adviser after his predecessor, HR McMaster, resigned following reports of ‘irreparable’ differences with the president and other key White House officials.

Bolton told an audience in Washington in late February that Americans are frustrated that the US is still in Afghanistan. “We didn’t start this war, we don’t want this war. But one side doesn’t get to say, ‘Okay, we’re tired of it, I think it’s over,’ ” he said while speaking at the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security in Washington.

Bolton’s views on ensuring the Taliban are degraded square with Trump’s Afghan strategy announced last August. Trump committed to sustaining the US military campaign for as long as necessary and empowered American field commanders in Afghanistan to make tactical decisions as they deemed necessary. But the Trump administration has since faced criticism about the lack of a complementary political and diplomatic strategy to achieve reconciliation in a country replete with ethnic fault lines, government corruption and a resilient Taliban.

In an interview with VOA, former US Ambassador Robin Raphel praised Bolton’s recognition that the US cannot walk away from the Afghan war. But she noted Bolton must also recognize ‘the need to energize the political track, as has been affirmed by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and General Nicholson, who recognise there’s no military solution to the Afghan conflict’. Nicholson is commander of US Forces Afghanistan and the Resolute Support Mission.

Conceding that the Taliban insurgency is gaining momentum, Bolton has argued that a more compelling reason for the US staying the course in the Afghan war is to prevent radicals in the region from being emboldened.