Pakistan responds to ballistic missiles attack over Saudi Arabia

Pakistan responds to ballistic missiles attack over Saudi Arabia

*ISLAMABAD:* Pakistan on Monday condemned missile attacks on Saudi Arabia that were carried out by Yemen’s Houthi militia on Sunday.

Saudi air defences shot down seven ballistic missiles fired by Yemen’s Houthi militia on Sunday, with debris killing a man in what was the first death in the capital during the Saudi-led coalition’s three-year military campaign in Yemen.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs remarked: “Pakistan commends the Government of Saudi Arabia for destroying the missiles and limiting the casualties.”

The statement also read that the government of Pakistan reiterates full support and solidarity with the “leadership, the government and people of Saudi Arabia against any threats to its territorial integrity and against the Haramain Sharifain.”

Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Twitter said: “We strongly condemn missile attack on Saudi Arabia . Pakistan remains fully committed to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom.”

Saudi forces destroyed three missiles over northeastern Riyadh shortly before midnight, as well as others fired at the southern cities of Najran, Jizan and Khamis Mushait, the coalition said in a statement carried by state news agency SPA. Debris from the missiles fell on a home in Riyadh, killing an Egyptian resident and wounding two other Egyptians, said coalition spokesman Colonel Turki al-Malki, according to SPA.

Reuters reporters in Riyadh heard several booms and saw smoke in the air. Another witness said he saw a long stream of light followed by additional explosions. In al-Malqa neighbourhood, emergency personnel gathered near a crater in the ground and inspected shattered glass in nearby homes.

The attack marked the third time in five months that missiles have flown over Riyadh, as the Houthis step up efforts to demonstrate they can reach the Saudi capital, and threatened to escalate a regional rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia . The Houthi-run SABA news agency reported the group’s missile force had targeted King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh with a Burkan H2 missile.

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