Dr Farooq Sattar gets the biggest blow of his life

Dr Farooq Sattar gets the biggest blow of his life

ISLAMABAD - *Dr Farooq Sattar is no more the convener of MQM, ruled the Election Commission of Pakistan today*

The ECP also nullified the intra-party elections of the PIB group in its short order.

MQM-Pakistan had split into two groups, PIB and Bahadurabad. The nomination of Kamran Tessori for the Senate election was the bone of contention. The PIB faction was led by Dr Farooq Sattar while Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui was heading the Bahadurabad faction.

“The verdict is injustice with us,” said Ali Raza Abidi, who is an MNA siding with the Dr Farooq Sattar-led group. According to him, it is not the ECP’s jurisdiction to act like a trial court. “It is a repository of information, not a trail court,” he said. “Farooq Sattar should challenge the verdict. We will meet him shortly.”

On the other hand, Kunwar Naveed of the Bahadurabad group said MQM is still Dr Sattar’s party. “Dr Farooq Sattar should join us,” he said. “He has said many times that he will not challenge the verdict but it’s his right if he does so.”

The Bahadurabad faction had petitioned the ECP to disqualify Dr Farooq Sattar as party head.

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