Taking part in state elections is betrayal with martyrs: Syed Ali Gillani

Taking part in state elections is betrayal with martyrs: Syed Ali Gillani

SRINAGAR: In occupied Kashmir, the All Parties Hurriyet Conference Chairman Syed Ali Gilani, while reiterating his call for complete boycott of the forthcoming so-called Indian Parliamentary by-elections in the territory has said that taking part in the election process is tantamount to betrayal with the sacred blood of martyrs.

Polling for the farcical Indian Parliamentary elections will be held in Srinagar and Islamabad constituencies on 9th and 12th April 2017. Syed Ali Gilani in his statement said the participation in such sham elections will be disrespect towards those who have been deprived of their belongings and eyesight and those who while pursuing mission were molested, KMS reported.

Gilani said, “The people demonstrated tremendous commitment and valour during last year’s uprising. They faced bullets, sacrificed lives and scores were blinded. We need to remember all these sacrifices. We need to follow the mission with same spirit and stay away from election drama.”

Grilling pro-India local politicians, he said, “A few people who contest and vote in election dramas are not only committing an act of treason, their actions also strengthen the Delhi’s control on Kashmir.”

He maintained that although pro-India parties had always sought votes in the name of development and provision of basic facilities to the masses but New Delhi exploited this voting in its favour at the international forums. He appealed to the people to demonstrate the same resolve they exhibited during the 2016 mass uprising. Syed Ali Gilani said, “Elections conducted under the shadow of gun are clear sign that Delhi has virtually lost its control and is losing hold over Kashmir.”

The APHC Chairman urged the people of Central Kashmir and South Kashmir to observe civil curfew on 9th and 12th April on the occasion of polling in their respective constituencies and hold peaceful demonstrations against the farcical elections. Syed Ali Gilani said that entire resistance leadership had been caged ahead of the election drama and in such circumstances ulema, imams and youth had a vital role to inform the people about the negative effects on the ongoing freedom movement of casting votes.