Bangladesh Cricket Board embarrasses Pakistan yet again

Bangladesh Cricket Board embarrasses Pakistan yet again

LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board efforts to bring international cricket in Pakistan have once again failed as Bangladesh Cricket Broad has once again refused to come to Pakistan.

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has once again rejected Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) offer to play two Twenty20s (T20s) in Lahore.

As per details, PCB chairman Shahryar Khan earlier revealed in one of his statements that PCB had offered Bangladesh to play two T20s in middle of 2017 in Pakistan, but BCB did not give positive response to this offer.

BCB spokesperson has now made it clear that Bangladesh has not even thought of coming to Pakistan, however, Bangladesh Cricket Board is ready to host Pakistan in July this year.

It is worth mentioning here that PCB was giving special importance to this tour which could pave way for return of international cricket to Pakistan.