Syrian Forces retake Palmyra from ISIS

Syrian Forces retake Palmyra from ISIS

DAMASCUS: Syrian State media and monitoring groups claimed that Syrian Forces have retaken Mamluk-era citadel in Palmyra from ISIS after a fierce battle.


State news agency SANA said “Army units took control over Palmyra’s ancient citadel after dealing with the last Daesh terrorist groups.”


The operation was launched earlier this month with the coalition of Russian airstrike which targeted at least 56 areas held by ISIS.


Palmyra has ancient archeological sites and was captured by ISIS in may 2015.


The militant group has destroyed many temples and tombs in the city which is called war crime by United Nations.


Analysts claimed that it’s a biggest victory for Syrian government forces.


The city controls the routes to eastern provinces including Deir al-Zor which is held by ISIS.


The victory against ISIS has been seen after the ceasefire in Syria backed by US and Russia.


Russia is the main ally of Assad while US is supporting other groups to fight against Assad and ISIS in 5 years old war that has killed more than 260,000 people and led a worst refugee crisis of the world.