What was the turnout of the General Elections 2018 in Pakistan?

What was the turnout of the General Elections 2018 in Pakistan?

ISLAMABAD- The turnout in the General Elections 2018 has been around 55%, top ECP official hinted on Thursday. However the exact turnout will be officially announced by ECP on Friday along with complete results.

The international media AFP had also hinted at turnout to be between 50 to 55%.

Earlier Chief Election Commissioner Sardar Mohammad Raza announced the first unofficial result.

Addressing a news conference in Islamabad, he said Chaudhry Mohammad Adnan of PTI won from PP-11 Rawalpindi-6 by securing 43,079 votes.

Earlier, he thanked all institutions, including army, media, and judiciary, which helped in the conduct of general election in a free, fair and transparent manner.

Sardar Mohammad Raza said technical faults in the RTS were the main cause of delay in the announcement of election result.

Answering questions from newsmen about allegations of rigging by certain political leaders, the Chief Election Commissioner said the election was hundred percent fair and transparent.

He said if there was delay in the announcement of the results because of technical fault in RTS system, it does not mean rigging.

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