'Sons' father Pakistan's next PM': Jemima congratulates Imran Khan

'Sons' father Pakistan's next PM': Jemima congratulates Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan 's ex-wife, Jemima Goldsmith , said on Thursday that after 22 years of humiliations, hurdles and sacrifices, her "sons' father is Pakistan's next PM".

In a congratulatory and reminiscent tweet, Jemima stated that Imran's 'victory' today is "an incredible lesson in tenacity, belief and refusal to accept defeat". 

She advised that the "challenge now is to remember why he entered politics in the first place". 

Furthermore, Jemima recalled the PTI supremo's first election in 1997, terming him "untested, idealistic and politically naive". 

She shared Imran's humourus side, remembering his 'clean sweep' in those elections in the following words: "I waited up for the call in LHR with 3 mo old Sulaiman, who I had lugged around the country. Eventually he called. 'It’s a clean sweep' & after my gasp, '… the other way.' He roared with laughter".

Earlier today, as results of Pakistan's General Election 2018 continue to pour in putting PTI in the lead overall, Imran summoned a consultative meeting of party leaders at his Bani Gala residence later today, according to sources.

The meeting is expected to decide on the party’s next course of action on government formation.

Imran is also expected to address a press conference later today.

During the party meeting, the party leaders will also be tasked with contacting the winning independent candidates from across Punjab. 


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