Blast outside US embassy in Beijing, China

Blast outside US embassy in Beijing, China

BEIJING – A loud explosion heard outside the United States embassy in Beijing early Thursday, international media reported, citing multiple eyewitness reports on social media.

Videos circulating online shows the Chinese police cordoning off the diplomatic compound in the country’s capital, while smoke is in the air near the embassy. Some witnesses claimed that they heard a blast, however, the nature of the explosion is yet to be determined.

#WATCH link Visuals from outside the US Embassy in #Beijing link soon after the blast. #China link link

— ANI (@ANI) July 26, 2018 link

The incident reportedly happened near where Chinese people usually made queues to enter the embassy for visa interviews. No damages have been reported so far.

There is no statement from the Chines security officials, while the US Embassy declined to comment in this regard.

Embassies of several other countries, including Israel, are also located in the diplomatic area which is on the outskirts of Beijing.