PM allows registered Afghan refugees to open bank accounts in Pakistan

PM allows registered Afghan refugees to open bank accounts in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday issued instructions that the registered Afghan refugees can open their bank accounts in Pakistan.

In a tweet message, the Prime Minister said from now onwards, Afghan refugees can participate in the formal economy of the country.

He said this should have been done a long time ago.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister has emphasized on introducing mysticism and role of Sufi saints in preaching and promotion of Islam to the youth

He was chairing a high level meeting in Islamabad today for establishment of an educational and research institute to highlight services of Sufi saints for promotion of mysticism and Islam.

The Prime Minister said establishment of such an institution is of paramount importance, where research can be conducted on mysticism, Sufi saints, their role and personalities.

He said this institute will not only help introduce true teachings of Islam to the youth, but also protect the society from exploitation in the name of religion.  

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed elected representative to play a vibrant and active role in highlighting and resolving the issues of people.

He was talking to MNAs from Multan Division who called on him in Islamabad today.

Prime Minister said government is introducing a local body system, in which representatives will be empowered and answerable.

Imran Khan said the government will extend every possible assistance to the growers to increase per acre yield.

He directed the parliamentarians to visit government hospitals to ensure quality facilities being provided there.