Indian Air Force senior officer commits suicide on day of IAF LoC Violation

Indian Air Force senior officer commits suicide on day of IAF LoC Violation

NEW DELHI – A wing commander of Indian Air Force committed suicide on Tuesday as he shot at himself with a double barrel gun.

Central Air Command Headquarters, B Ramauli Public Relations Officer, Arvind Sinha took his own life, with clear cut reasons still under the wraps

The 43-year-old commander was believed to be facing issues with family and career though the police is investigating the real cause.

The wife of air force official, Pooja said during the preliminary investigation that the officer was stressed out due to the job.

On the other hand, inspector Dhumanjanj Sandeep Mishra said that Wing Commander was quite upset due to personal reasons which became a reason for the suicide.

The tragic incident happened the day Indian air force violated the Line of Control and intruded into the airspace claimed by Pakistan before being whisked away by the Pakistan Air force.

Tension seems to be running high in SOuth-Asia as Pakistan’s Prime Minister convened a high-profile meeting of National Security Committee following the intrusion.

Indian Air Force also claimed to have targeted the alleged Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist camp though Pakistan denies any such attack.

The alleged strikes – which are still to be verified – have escalated tension between the two nuclear-armed neighbours as Pakistan’s armed forces have announced that Pakistan will respond against Indian aggression in a befitting and surprising manner.