India briefs top Ambassadors of world Capitals over IAF action against Pakistan: Report

India briefs top Ambassadors of world Capitals over IAF action against Pakistan: Report

NEW DELHI - On Tuesday, India's Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale, along with officials of Ministry of External Affairs, met with and engaged envoys and heads of missions of all major countries and regional blocs to brief them of the action that was carried out by India.

Parallel briefings were held for various envoys by the foreign secretary and divisional secretaries where the thrust was on a few specific points. Diplomatic sources quoted Gokhale as saying, "India did not have an option".

Foreign Secretary Gokhale held a media briefing on India's military action, where he said, "Credible intelligence was received that Jaish-e-Mohammed was attempting another suicide terror attack in various parts of the country and the fidayeen jihadis were being trained for this purpose. In the face of imminent danger, a preemptive strike became absolutely necessary."

This is "unprecedented" said an official, calling it a "paradigm shift" in India's policy on Pakistan.

Comparing it to the US operation to kill Osama bin Laden, an official explained, "The paradigm shift is in the way India deals with terrorism.

Not in Kargil or even during the 1971 war did India cross into Pakistani territory. This is comparable only to US's operation to take out Osama bin Laden."

India also made it clear that the attack was a preemptive, non-military strike targeting militants and not civilians or the State of Pakistan.

"This is not against the people of Pakistan but against terrorism," a source quoted Gokhale briefing the envoys. India also made it very clear at the briefing with diplomats that they are not looking at war, they want cordial ties with Pakistan but terrorism needs to be addressed and ended.

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