Political crisis worsening in Afghanistan

Political crisis worsening in Afghanistan

KABUL - Afghanistan's* ousted Balkh governor and executive director of Jamiat-e-Islami party Atta Mohammad Noor said on Sunday at a meeting in Balkh that the centralized government system has led to a crisis in the country. *

Noor blasted the Presidential Palace and accused it of monopolizing power. He also warned that if this continues, the situation in the country will deteriorate.

“Afghanistan's experiences in the past 16 years show that this centralized system that has given all the powers and authorities to one person had no result for the people, except (to bring about)poverty, insecurity, discrimination and corruption,” said Noor.

Speaking at a meeting entitled “National Consultative Discourse” in Mazar-e-Sharif, Noor said no results have come out of the government-Jamiat party negotiations so far and no decision has been taken about the party’s demands.

“Nothing has been achieved on important issues such as electronic National Identity Cards, political parties’ share in parliamentary elections and reforms in the election process,” he added.

Speaking in Herat, President Ashraf Ghani meanwhile said the authorities of the president do not belong to only one person and that he has established high councils to ensure progress is made in terms of good governance.

“President's authorities do not belong only to one person, but belongs to the presidential palace. Thus, creation of high councils will help us to institutionalize the authorities,” said Ghani.

Meanwhile, a number of participants at Sunday’s meeting said Noor should stay on as governor and that monopoly of power and political tensions need to end.