Everyone living in India is a Hindu: RSS Chief

Everyone living in India is a Hindu: RSS Chief

NEW DELHI- Everyone living in India is a Hindu, asserted the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat here in Meerut on Sunday while addressing a huge crowd of RSS workers, supporters and sympathisers on Sunday.

He also emphasised on unifying Hindus in a situation when West Uttar Pradesh has seen several caste related clashes and emergence of dalit groups like Bhim Army since BJP government came in power in the State.

“Every Hindu is my own brother. In India one may follow a different eating habits, way of worshipping the gods, philosophy, language and culture. But all of them are Hindus. There are many who are Hindu but they are not aware of it. Only those who consider Bharat Mata his own mother are true Hindus,” said the RSS chief while addressing a crowd which is estimated to be over a lakh.

This was the largest ever gathering of RSS workers in Uttar Pradesh for which the organisation was preparing for last one year, something which is being interpreted as RSS preparing the ground for the BJP ahead of the 2019 General Elections.

While repeatedly treating diversity as a feature of Indian civilisation which highlights unity, Mr. Bhagwat said,” Entire world thinks that to be one every one needs to follow the same culture, same way of living but it is in India we talks about Vasudeva Kutumbakam. But all diversity only emphasis it’s oneness and the unifying feature of diversity.”

While talking about importance of self-pride in being a Hindu, he said, “Everyone should accept with pride that they are a Hindu. That is why we are one.”

“We Hindu need to be one because taking care of this country is our responsibility and we are accountable for that. Since the time immemorial we have been living here. We need to know how to defend ourselves. Those who don’t know how to defend themselves how will they develop. We need to be ready for that,” Mr. Bhagwat said.

He also claimed that one RSS worker in Raiganj district of West Bengal became a martyr while fighting along with the BSF at West Bengal-Bangladesh order in 1971 war.

Mr. Bhagwat raised the issue of being a “kattar Hindu (hardcore Hindu)” and said “being a kattar Hindu means udarta (being liberal)”.