European Union approves resolution against arms sale to Saudi Arabia

European Union approves resolution against arms sale to Saudi Arabia
BRUSSELS: EU approved a resolution to ban the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia over airstrikes and bombing civilians during the war in Yemen.

The resolution called a total ban on all weapons exports to Saudi Arabia.

EU said “The resolution acknowledges that Saudi Arabia and Iran are instrumental in resolving the crises in Yemen.”


The resolution was passed by 359 votes to 212 votes.


Amnesty International claimed that Saudi Arabia is using European made arms in Yemen and Syria which leads to death of thousands of people.


Saudi Arabia signed a contract with General Dynamics Systems Canada in London worth $15 billion for light armored vehicles.


A picture was also tweeted earlier this week that shows that Saudi Arabia National Guard were made in Canada.


Amnesty International Canada spokesperson Hilary Homes claimed that the resolution will push Canada to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia.


Amnesty International claimed that 100 civilians including 59 children killed between May and July in north-eastern Yemen by airstrikes.


Amnesty International demanded the suspension of transferring arms to Saudi Arabia and other coalition countries.


The EU lawmakers urged Saudi Arabia to end war in Yemen and pursue a political solution instead of military solution.


Saudi Arabia is fighting against Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen and supporting Yemeni government.


At least 6,000 people have been killed in the war since 2014.