PTI government launches yet another initiative for the Overseas Pakistanis

PTI government launches yet another initiative for the Overseas Pakistanis

*ISLAMABAD - **PTI government launches yet another initiative for the Overseas Pakistanis.*

*Sending remittance to Pakistan has become even cheaper after the government's introduction of Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI).*

“Pakistan Post Office Department (PPOD) has entered in an arrangement with National Bank of Pakistan under the umbrella of Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI). Now Remittance Beneficiaries' can collect their remittance payments sent from abroad using NBP Remittance Services from the Pakistan Post Office locations free of charge," stated Pakistan Post.

Here link is list of all over 500 locations of Pakistan Post, from where the remittance beneficiary can collect their remittances.

Customers can collect their foreign remittances without paying any charges from the Pakistan Post locations by providing original CNIC of the beneficiary, PIN Code/Secret PIN number, expected amount of remittance payment and remitter's name and details.

Meanwhile, customers wishing to send their remittances through Pakistan Post's selected branches can visit any of National Bank's correspondents and request a cash transaction for NBP.

The booking agent will provide a secret code/PIN number to the remitter. The remitter has to share the PIN number with the customer and inform them about the exact amount send in Pakistani Rupees.

The transactions can be sent free of charge (above US$200) and can be collected for Free from either National Bank of Pakistan or any participating Pakistan Post Office location.

Here's the list of partner exchange houses/banks abroad:

During the inauguration of PRI, Prime Minister Imran Khan said overseas Pakistanis, who would avail this opportunity, will be rewarded for sending money through legal channels. The PM said that overseas Pakistanis work hard to earn livelihood, and the government has directed the ambassadors to facilitate the overseas Pakistanis in every possible way.