Transparent accountability is imperative for economic revival: Analysts

Transparent accountability is imperative for economic revival: Analysts

Menace of corruption has very negative consequences on the society. There is no doubt that people have given mandate to Tehrik e Insaf with a hope to eradicate corruption from the institutions. Nawaz Sharif has been convicted by accountability court but he has option to appeal in superior courts.

The accountability should be held across the board. Putting corrupt people behind the bars is not sufficient; the looted money should be taken back as well. Good governance is imperative to eliminate corruption.

Development of the country is conditioned with transparent accountability process. The people elect their political leaders to make policies for the welfare and interest of the people. The previous governments made policies for their own interests and served their own families.

They hired incompetent officers on senior posts to serve their personal agendas and destroyed institutions. The PTI led government is committed to punish all those who are involved in corruption and caused collateral damage to the country. This is a historic development that for the first time in the history of Pakistan, a powerful man is being questioned, prosecuted and convicted for corruption.

The government employees must serve the state with loyalty and honesty. The government employees who serve politician's personal agendas and interest give irreparable damage to the country and ultimately common men have to pay the price of the damage. Due to poor services, people lost their trust in the institution.

It is imperative to strengthen the institutions and give them freedom to work independently without any political interference. The PTI led government is determined to end corruption and political influence.

Anti-corruption conventions and legislation are present in the law but the previous governments did not implement these laws effectively. It is appreciable that the incumbent government has taken concrete measures to eradicate corruption and end political influence on NAB.

The PTI led government has strengthen the NAB to work independently and work with full force without any prejudice and discrimination. The NAB court has given welcoming verdict and courts decision should not be politicized.

The economy of the country cannot be improved without ending corruption and political influence from the institutions. Transparent accountability is imperative for economic revival.

Capitalism, corruption and nepotism have destroyed the economy of Pakistan. Absence of justice and accountability is the root cause of economic crises. The previous governments bestowed upon incompetent people and destroyed institutions.