7 BLA terrorists gunned down by CTD in Balochistan

7 BLA terrorists gunned down by CTD in Balochistan

QUETTA – At least seven terrorists of BLF (Balochistan Liberation Front), were killed and arms and explosives were recovered during an Intelligence-based operation by the CTD Balochistan in Loralai.

A statement issued by the Balochistan counterterrorism department cited that seven suspected terrorists have been gunned down soon after they entered Pakistan from Afghanistan to attack a sensitive installation.

It further said “The CTD Balochistan got credible source information that a large group of BLF terrorists are moving from Afghanistan in the general area of Kohar Dam. The CTD conducted an operation at a compound in Kohar Dam. Seven terrorists were killed, while three others managed to escape”.

Officials have also recovered a cache of weapons from the compound. Four of the seven men were identified as Sadam Hussain, Abdul Ghani, Abdul Ahad and Ameer Jan, the statement said.

Meanwhile, CTD and other security forces cordoned off the area and launched a search operation to find the escaped militants. The area where the operation was conducted is located between Loralai and Qillah Saifullah cities in Balochistan.