Malaysian MAPIM strongly responds over UAE government award for Indian PM Modi

Malaysian MAPIM strongly responds over UAE government award for Indian PM Modi

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organisation (MAPIM) has strongly condemned receiving of the United Arab Emirates’ highest civilian award by India’s Narendra Modi while committing gross human rights’ violations against Muslims in occupied Kashmir, *Kashmir Media Service* reported on Monday.

The MAPIM, in a statement issued in Kuala Lumpur, stated, “We register our disgust and abhorrence to India’s Narendra Modi receiving the UAE honour. It is outrageous and shameful for the UAE to honour Modi the highest civilian medal knowing very well the world is equating Modi as an oppressor of minority communities in India.”

“The UAE is blinded by the economic gains it anticipates to derive with India while Modi has his hands full of blood from his victims of massacre in Gujarat and Kashmir,” the statement said. “It is only recently that the world was shocked by the annexation of Kashmir by India when it decided to strike out the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, stripping Kashmir of its special status.”

The organisation further stated, the UAE’s decision reflects its non-concern on the violation of human rights and the international law. “Even worst, it does not seem to care the lives of Muslims persecuted under the Modi’s administration.”

“The fact that India is working closely with Israel and sharing the Zionist experience in dealing with Palestine, honouring the award to Modi reflects how the UAE is cutting off itself away from the sentiments of the Muslim ummah,” the statement deplored.

“We are outraged over the Indian government’s clampdown on the Muslim-majority Kashmir region occupied by New Delhi. UAE is now openly accepting and honouring a criminal.”

"If anything what Modi deserves is to be tried for crimes against humanity in the 2002 Gujarat pogrom which killed around 2,000 people, majority of whom are Muslims."