Gmail introduces interesting "Undo" feature for mobile users

Gmail introduces interesting

LONDON - After self destruct feature, Gmail has had an “undo” feature for desktop users for a few years now, but they made it available for mobile users only earlier this month. The catch, however, is that you have just about 10 seconds to tap the undo button before it’s too late.

Gmail’s “undo” email feature is available for all iPhone, iPad and Android users. You can use the feature on a browser or the Gmail application on your phone. So, here’s how you can recall an email on Gmail .

*On your desktop* After you have drafted the email and hit the sent button, you will see a notification on the left corner of your screen saying “sending” and “undo”. Quickly click on the undo button. Instead of getting sent, the email will appear on your screen as a draft. You can now make all the changes you want to the email before sending it again.

*On your phone* Similar to the desktop, compose the email and hit send. Right after you’ve hit the send button, you will notice an alert “send” and the option to “undo”. Tap on undo.