Afghan Air Force to be equipped with 100 advanced fighter jets

Afghan Air Force to be equipped with 100 advanced fighter jets

KABUL - *The commander of Afghan Air Forces, Muhammad Shoayb Pilot says Afghanistan will be equipped with the advanced fighter jets up to the next few years.*

The Air Forces’ commander at the 97th anniversary of Afghanistan Air Forces declared that currently the military forces are becoming self-sufficient in terms of fighter jets and bombs, Ariana News has reported.

“Afghanistan will have more than 100 of fighter jets in the future. You have witnessed the black Hawk aircrafts, MD 530 and other airplanes,” Shoayb said.

In the meantime, the army chief of staff, Muhammad Sharif Yaftali considered the support of International Community from Afghan air forces is an essential need.

“The NATO member countries will support Afghan national army up to the year 2020 and the U.S. will particularly supports the Afghan air forces. Currently, Afghan air forces can defend the country’s space privacy with the strategic agreement that we have with the U.S.,” Yaftali added.

According to analysts, Afghanistan had the most powerful air forces before the civil war, but all of them were destroyed by Taliban regime.

Afghan attack pilots have gained a bit of a reputation for their cautious employment of weapons.

That sort of restraint is needed if the Afghan government wants to show it’s better than the Taliban and is a legitimate force for the good of the people.

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