Three men claim to be husbands of the same woman

Three men claim to be husbands of the same woman

GUJRAT: Remember the famous Bollywood movie, “Dolly Ki Doli” in which actress Sonam Kapoor used to marry men from different regions and then run away with all their wealth and belongings? Well, something of a similar nature happened in Gujrat. 

Three men have claimed that they’re married to one woman. Of the three, two claim that she robbed them of expensive jewelry and cash a few days after tying the knot with them. And then she fled.

A man named Sabir filed a case against a woman, claiming that she had married another person despite being his wife. The woman moved Lahore High Court to have the case against her thrown out.

When the case went to Lahore High Court, two other men accused the woman of being their wife as well. Khalid and Atif, the two men, both accused the woman of robbing them of jewelry and cash. They accused her of robbing them a few days after marrying them.

Lahore High Court rejected the woman’s petition to throw out the case and ordered police to investigate her. APP/AFP