A big setback for PML-N as key figure abandons party

A big setback for PML-N as key figure abandons party

Shahid Khakan Abbasi has given an indication of the formation of a new political group. While speaking in an interview with a private TV channel, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the policies of the PML-N.

He said, "Let's determine the path first, then participate in elections; otherwise, elections will not yield anything beyond speculation." He emphasized the need for a new political entity.

Critiquing the PTI government, Shahid Khakan stated that if General (Retd.) Bajwa had posed a hindrance to his government, he would have resigned. He also mentioned that he received 8 to 9 months in his tenure to work.

He questioned, "Chairman PTI didn't accomplish much during his term, but what have we achieved? You can check the list; decisions that should have been made didn't."

Shahid Khakan Abbasi highlighted that Nawaz Sharif has left a legacy, and his return to Pakistan is inevitable. Speaking at an event in Islamabad, he stressed that elections are meaningless without determining the future; stakeholders should sit together and decide what's next.

He also advocated for bringing to light all discussions that Nawaz Sharif has initiated, emphasizing the importance of transparency. He stated that a Truth Commission should be established, as Nawaz Sharif had previously mentioned the 2017 affairs, and this matter needs to be addressed.

Regarding Nawaz Sharif's homecoming, he mentioned that Nawaz Sharif had gifted the nation with his return, and one has to sit and witness developments.

When asked about his reception upon Nawaz Sharif's return, he responded to the journalist, saying, "If you go, I'll go with you."