Pakistan is Afghanistan’s enemy: Afghan Provincial Police Chief

Pakistan is Afghanistan’s enemy: Afghan Provincial Police Chief

KABUL - Pakistan has big plans for Afghanistan, has established large insurgent training camps on both sides of the Durand Line and have stationed militants along the de facto border, Kandahar police chief General Abdul Raziq told TOLOnews on Monday. 

Raziq also accused Iran, along with Pakistan, of supporting, equipping and training insurgents and said Pakistan is Afghanistan’s enemy. In line with this he called on the international community to increase pressure on Islamabad.

“They (Pakistan) have positioned terrorists on both sides of the Durand Line; they train them there and want to have control over the southern region and along Afghanistan’s shared borders with Iran and Pakistan. They want to weaken government and are involved in drug smuggling, the control of mines and with the money they earn in this way, they create terrorist centers here and finance them,” said Raziq.

According to him, Pakistan aims to transfer Quetta Council, known us Quetta Shura, to southern Helmand province where Taliban leaders and their families will be based.

Raziq said Pakistan was Afghanistan’s enemy and that the public should not expect Pakistan to let the people live in peace.

“Pakistan is our enemy and we should not expect Pakistan to let us live peacefully. The world’s policy that has been made against Pakistan should be implemented,” Raziq added.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah who was in Kandahar to launch a new solar power project told TOLOnews that insurgent safe havens should be destroyed in the region and urged Pakistan to prevent insurgents from destabilizing Afghanistan.

“All the insecurity in the region is because of the insurgent safe havens. Any country that has incorrect judgment in this regard, will pay the price,” said Abdullah.