China reacts to the US - India multi billion dollars defence deal

China reacts to the US - India multi billion dollars defence deal

BEIJING - China on Monday declared that any military deal between the US and India should be conducive to the regional and international peaceful development.

“As long as the exchange between the two countries is conducive to
regional and international peaceful development, we will not object them,” a spokesperson of Chinese foreign ministry, Lu Kang told reporters during his regular briefing while commenting on a possible deal of F-16 fighter jets between the US and India during the forthcoming visit of the US Defense Secretary to India.

The US Defense Secretary James Mattis is schedule to visit India this
week and likely to seek to persuade India to buy Lockheed Martin’s F-16 Block 70 aircraft in a deal potentially worth US$ 15 billion.

Lockheed Martin has offered the most upgraded version of the jet fighter
to India, the world’s largest weapons importer.

Responding to a question about a referendum being held in Kurdish region
of Iraq, he said the Chinese government supported the unity and sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Iraq.

“We hope various parties can find a feasible and viable plan and uphold unity, stability of Iraq,” adding, “This will be conducive to promoting counter-terrorism and peace efforts of the country as well as to efforts of upholding peace of regional countries and the international community as the whole.”

The Iraqi Kurds cast their votes in a referendum today that will determine the independence of the Kurdish region and the disputed areas that are currently under de facto Kurdish control.

To a question regarding “war of words” between the leadership of the US and North Korea, he said, the Chinese side was very concerned about escalating situation of the Korean Peninsula.
He asked the relevant parties to refrain from escalating the situation and avoid provoking each other.