Karachi green bus project inauguration announced

Karachi green bus project inauguration announced

ISLAMABAD - Governor Sindh Imran Ismail on Thursday said the first green bus would be operational in coming few months in Karachi that would less the burden of four to five lac people on transport.

While talking to a private news channel, he explained that government is focusing over completion of many developmental projects some would get operational soon and some would take time like after ‘green bus’ ‘local train’ would also be started in few days and meetings are being held with a company for starting a fast train in near future. He said the people expectations are very high and they wanted a change over days. PTI is a loyal and public party that believes in simplicity and showing it in its practice.

Responding to a question, he said the government is putting all its efforts to complete all tasks of 100 days agenda including installation of DSL Plant and clean the city garbage besides talking all those steps that would be proved result oriented.

The government is making solid and comprehensive plan and wanted to work jointly with Chief Minister for the betterment of Sindh despite of having issues with the Opposition. He thanked the Prime Minister Imran Khan for giving trust and authority of all developmental projects in Karachi adding “I am putting all efforts to fulfill my duties and to give 100 percent output to my leadership.”

He informed a transformation project committee has been formed for assuring transparency in all projects of the city. The present government, he said will not give any excuses over the question regarding performance like former governments. He hailed the CM Sindh for his positive approach and said, “I am in contact with CM sindh for making joint efforts for prosperous Sindh and ready to remove PPP’s reservations as its government do not want to let Sindh to suffer.

He was of the view that the Prime Minister will fulfill his all promises that were made with masses during its election campaigns and assured the government will not escape from it. Responding to another question regarding master plan, the Governor said it is a huge plan that would take some time to complete but after its completion, the city would turned into a new Karachi. - APP