Woollies demands increases with changing weather

Woollies demands increases with changing weather

ISLAMABAD: With the changing weather, demand for woollies has spiked all over the country, as people of different age groups have thronged markets and shopping arcades.

A report aired by a private news channel, a large number of people thronged to markets for searching items at every single shop reasonable rates shopkeepers has displayed items to attract customers.

Shopkeepers, taking full advantage of the situation, were selling warm clothing at high profit, knowing the fact that people were bound to buy their merchandise.

"I have every kind of warm clothing, but mostly people buy wool caps," a shopkeeper said.

Shopkeepers looked busy all of the day for running their business in winter season. "Our sales have doubled and we expect a further increase in the sales following winter days ahead," claimed shopkeeper.

Shopper Faiza Yasir said, after the sudden change in weather, I went to a local market to buy warm clothes for myself and my children.

Crowds of people, both poor and middle class can be seen bargaining with retailers in markets and weekly bazaars, besides woollies, heaps of quilts, bed covers, blankets and rugs are up for sale as well.

Taking the advantage of huge demand of second-hand winter clothes including woolen sweaters, jackets, cardigans, trousers, mufflers and gloves and kids wear, makeshift shop owners and roadside vendors are charging high prices, buyers alleged.

"I have come to buy a woolen sweater or a jacket for my daughter but the shopkeepers are demanding high prices," A buyer Asim Ali said.