Why Amir Liaqat did not join PTI

Why Amir Liaqat did not join PTI

ISLAMABAD - PTI on Wednesday dropped its interest in the controversial personality Dr Amir Liaqat after a meeting, where the party leadership was shown some of Liaquat’s past statements against PTI chief Imran Khan and the party itself. 

Moreover, the party sensed a strong disapproval within the public of him joining the party after reports surfaced initially on Tuesday, which also contributed to the party’s decision.

A formal announcement had to be made at a press conference on Wednesday by PTI chief Imran Khan.  However, he skipped the presser.

News of Hussain joining Imran Khan’s party started making rounds after PTI leader Faisal Javed Khan took to Twitter on Tuesday evening, saying, “Dr Aamir Liaquat to announce joining PTI at a press conference on October 25 in Karachi.”

TV host and former MQM leader had remained silent on joining PTI, despite being active on Twitter.

Speaking to a private TV channel, PTI’s Imran Ismail had acknowledged that Hussain had approached the party.

Commenting on whether PTI would welcome Hussain in the party, Ismail had said that “he has a following, there is an advantage. He would be useful for any party and will be useful in the election”.

“If he joins [PTI], he needs to adhere to the party lines. If he does join — and I’m not confirming that he is — and if he crosses a line, we will tell him to hold his horses.”

Hussain, in August 2016, had parted ways with MQM, saying at the time that he would be leaving politics. Prior to his announcement, Hussain was taken into custody from his office on II Chundrigar Road and later released by the Rangers after overnight detention.