Indian mother along with four daughters thrown out of moving train

Indian mother along with four daughters thrown out of moving train

NEW DELHI - Four girls and their mother were pushed out of a moving train in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, police found out on Wednesday, reported Hindustan Times

According to the police two of those who were pushed off Amritsar-Saharsa express have died. Police suspected that the girls and their mother were pushed off at different locations within 50 kilometres in less than an hour. The family is from Motihari area in a district of Bihar and the girls’ uncle, father and another person were suspects in the case, as per the police.

Body of 36-year-old Afreena Khatoon, the mother, was found on the tracks on Wednesday afternoon. Police believed she was the first one to be pushed off the train. Afreena’s seven-year-old daughter Muniya’s body was found a day earlier, on Tuesday. On the same day, the body of a 12-year-old girl was found on the tracks at a different location. It was later established that the girl was Afreena’s eldest daughter.

The two other girls who survived the fall are four-year-old Samina and nine-year-old Algun Khatoon. The survivors were admitted to the hospital.

The woman and her daughters were on their way to Motihari from Amritsar, police said.

According to the police, one of the surviving daughters, Algun, initially told them that her father and uncle threw them out of the train. But she later said that her uncle and his friend were behind the crime.

However, police said Algun is not mature enough to provide information about the incident. She told the police they were four sisters and two brothers, but the whereabouts of the brothers were not known, police said.