Imran Khan inaugurates Tree Plantation campaign in Dera Ismail Khan

D.I.KHAN: PTI chairman Imran Khan said Pakistan is among those 10 countries that are affected by global warming the most. The effects of global warming could be stopped by planting more trees. Imran was talking to media at the inauguration of tree plantation campaign in D.I.Khan. While talking to media Imran said 100 million trees have been planted in KP so far, the target to plant 1 billion trees will be achieved in 5 years. He further added that a special police force will be deployed for the protection of forests. Those people who cut down trees illegally will be fined heavily. We have taken effective steps against timber mafia . Politician and officials of forest department are involved in this mafia. Government will amend the law to take strict action against them. Khan added. Imran also criticized the Sindh and Punjab governments at this occasion saying that, both provinces are using the police force to protect their own interests while the KP police is free of any political influence.