Four Nepalese killed during Indian sponsored anti constitution protests in Nepal

KHATMANDU: At least four people are dead since Saturday in southern Nepal after being shot by riot police, as protests continued against the country's new constitution . The dead were among those shot by police during clashes with demonstrators and several have been reportedly injured, in Saptari district, about 90 miles southeast of Kathmandu. The protesters belonged to the Madhesi community who claim the new constitution discriminates against them and have barricaded the border with India for two months, triggering a shortage of food and medicine in the Himalayan country, which imports much of its supplies from its southern neighbor. Nepal reportedly blames India for fomenting the protests by supporting the Madhesi , who have close ethnic ties to northern India . “The actions of protesters were barbaric. We used force in retaliation,” Laxmi Dhakal, a government spokesman, said according to the Kathmandu Post, adding: “We cannot tolerate such heinous acts. Stringent measures will be taken to curb such actions in the coming days.” The clashes in Saptari come even as United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for a peaceful resolution. However, several rounds of negotiations between the government and protest leaders have failed to resolve a conflict over the altering of local state borders as dictated by the new constitution . Reference Source: Reuters

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