Flying Officer Marium embraced shahaadat in PAF F7P crash in Mianwali


MIANWALI: The Pakistani woman fighter pilot, Marium Mukhtar embraced shahaadat, as Pakistan Air Force F7P crashed near Kundian in Mianwali district. The PAF F7P was being flown by Sqaudron leader Saqib Abbasi and Co- pilot flying officer Marium Mukhtar. Both pilots were on routine training mission when a technical problem caused the crash. They tried their best to control the jet till last minute but they could not succeed to save the aircraft. Pilot Marium and squardron leader Abbasi got serious injuries. They were moved to nearby military hospital. Marium could not survive from her injuries and breathed her last while Saqib Abbasi is still in the ICU. As per PAF statement, Marium is the first of women pilot who got martyrdom. “Flying Officer Marium embraced martyrdom and became the first lady pilot from PAF to attain this great honor,” it said.