Mohammad Amir breaks silence over media reports of playing IPL as British National

Mohammad Amir breaks silence over media reports of playing IPL as British National

Pakistani pacer Mohammad Amir said people were spreading rumours about him and that he was set to get British nationality, but he wished to appear as a Pakistani player in the India Premier League (IPL).

Amir, in an interview with journalists, said the people who knew nothing about his future plans were speaking about his retirement.

The pacer, clarifying he did not demand the removal of the national side's coaches, said he would play for Pakistan when the current management's contract ended.

"The current management will remain for a period of 2-3 years, but after they are gone, my career as a cricketer won't end," he said.

"Once the situation gets better, I will be available for the national side."

The pacer noted that Pakistanis were too eager to comment on people's personal lives.

"Everyone makes their decisions based on consultations with their family and I believe people should not dive much into it."

Amir said he thinks people comment on other's personal lives to just get hits on their YouTube channels.

Moreover, Amir said his wife was a British national and at some point, he would become one too as he wished for his children to grow up in the UK.

"Getting UK's passport is my right and I am not getting myself involved in anything illegal," he said, adding that in the past, cricketers have held British and Australian nationalities, but they a part of Pakistan's coaching staff, and no one raised questions on them.

Speaking about Pakistan Super League (PSL), Amir said it was a positive development that the tournament was taking place in Abu Dhabi, as he had missed cricket.

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