Kareena Kapoor under fire over her statement

Kareena Kapoor under fire over her statement

MUMBAI – Kareena is being schooled by social media for her statement on whether she would be classified as a feminist or not. At the music launch of her upcoming film *Veere Di Wedding *she managed to confuse many with her views.

“I believe in equality. I wouldn’t say I am a feminist, I would say I am a woman and above all, I am a human being. I am also as proud to be known as Saif Ali Khan’s wife, as I am to be Kareena Kapoor . So that is just the way I am,” she said.

Social media blew up due to the fact that feminism is basically about equality. So how can Kareena deny being a feminist but be all in for equal treatment?

Women have come up with all sorts of comparisons.