Europe’s most powerful Muslim Politician: Sadiq Khan

Europe’s most powerful Muslim Politician: Sadiq Khan

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Europe’s most powerful Muslim Politician : Sadiq Khan


Pakistan have ratcheted up their clout in British politics , as another Pakistani named Sadiq Khan became mayor of London -a Britian city of United Kingdom .


It should be mentioned here that it is first time in the 170 years of the city's history that a Muslim was elected its mayor, a private news channel reported.


British Pakistani Sadiq Khan makes history by becoming the Mayor of London .


"London gave me and my family the chance to fulfill our potential", Sadiq Khan added.


It comes to a surprise to all that Sadiq Khan , the newly elected Mayor of London , achieved a historical landmark in British politics on May 5, 2016.


The Labour politician was described as being the only politician in the race who "exemplified the city" in which he wanted to run.


Indeed, Saqiq Khan was the son of an immigrant bus driver who grew up in a south London council flat and lived out of a bunk-bed there until he was 24 years old.


While studying his degree, he worked on Saturdays at the Peter Jones department store in Sloane Square - subsequently training as a lawyer and then working in Gordon Brown's cabinet.


He is now Europe 's most powerful Muslim politician , winning 56.8 percent of the vote, the biggest personal mandate ever secured in UK electoral history by any politician, let alone a British Asian one.


"My mission is to restore opportunity, and in doing so to protect and advance London's competitiveness  and its status as a world-leading city for business, creativity, and fairness," said Sadiq Khan in his 2016 Manifesto.


His housing policy introduces rent controls, safeguards tenants' protection and introduces 50 per cent affordable housing targets for new developments.


Meanwhile his transport policy pledges to freeze transport fares until 2020, and introduce a one-hour bus ticket for unlimited travel in the capital.


The Pakistani community in Britain equates to roughly 2.7 per cent of London's population so Sadiq Khan hopefully would come up to the expectations of them in their justified demands .





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