EU Arms Exports to Egypt instigated killings: Amnesty Report

EU Arms Exports to Egypt instigated killings: Amnesty Report

NICOSIA, May 25, (APP): EU Arms Exports to Egypt instigated killings: Amnesty Report


Amnesty International has accused nearly half of the European Union's members of fuelling killings and torture among other abuses in Egypt through arms exports, in a report issued on Wednesday.


International organisations have accused Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of running an ultra-authoritarian and repressive regime since he deposed his democratically elected Islamist predecessor Mohamed Morsi in 2013.


In its report, Amnesty said "12 out of 28 EU member states have remained among Egypt 's main suppliers of arms and policing equipment".


Amnesty said this flouted an EU-wide suspension of arms transfers to Egypt imposed after hundreds of protesters were killed in what it called a "show of grossly excessive force" in August 2013.


The London-based human rights watchdog said it feared the suspension could be scrapped, even though it was insufficient.


"In 2014 alone, EU states authorised 290 licences for military equipment to Egypt , totalling more than six billion euros ($6.77 billion)," Amnesty said.


Items the EU member states shipped to Egypt included small arms, light weapons and ammunition, armoured vehicles, military helicopters, heavier weapons and surveillance technology.


"The EU should immediately impose an embargo on all transfers of the types of arms and equipment being used by Egypt to commit serious human rights violations," said Brian Wood, head of arms control and human rights at Amnesty.


The Egyptian government dismissed the report, with Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry saying Amnesty had a habit of "making exaggerated accusations".   "I'm sure all the equipment provided to Egypt has helped to strengthen its stability in the fight against terrorist threats," he said at a news conference.




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