E-Commerce in Pakistan: The most thriving industry of the country

E-Commerce in Pakistan: The most thriving industry of the country

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Online buying and selling has recently become a great way to expand their business in Pakistan as e-commerce industry is booming throughout the region.

According to a report aired by a 24 news channel, the internet has significantly changed the way of the retail business as booming in the other parts of the globe; now it's doing the same in economies like Pakistan.

There are currently many E-Commerce sites which is specially introduces by Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) for the economically empowered to the women in rural areas of the country.

Besides in the mega cities of the country online shopping sites offering a forum for sellers to sell their products online and have a chance to make additional sales by making use of this additional marketing channel, Said a British based retail expert said.

According to retail experts, Mrs Oksana Willium has said that the Pakistani buyer today is enjoying numerous `E-Commerce' activities owing to proliferation of smartphones and availability of easy Internet connectivity.

With the advancement in our IT industry, this boom in online shopping was predictable. It is quite simple that if you have Internet access then you can do online shopping with maximum comfort.

Lower prices rates and different deal packages are the main triggers for shopping online. Most of the people in our country are attracted by these factors.

Online shopping could be done from anywhere and anytime, it makes a buyer's life simpler and time saving because they do not have to get to ready just to roam around the market or sit through traffic jams.

It only required an Internet access, and anyone can click and purchase their choises product.

A Young student Asma Yasmeen said online shopping in Pakistan is a new concept but with the passage of time it is growing.

She further said as the education level is also increasing, people are getting familiar with online shopping.

Media really plays an important role in educating people especially girls regarding latest fashion trends, she added.