WIOTC to hold Web summit in China

WIOTC to hold Web summit in China

LAHORE: (APP) The World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC) will organise a web summit on June 25 in Bejing, China, to share the new concept of economic growth and prosperity.

Envoys, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from European  Union, North America, Asia and other parts of world, including  Pakistan, will participate in the web summit, a spokesman for the WIOTC said here on Friday.

The purpose of the summit was to enhance an understanding  of internet of things for global politicians, diplomatic envoys, experts, scholars, community organization leaders and business elites to participate in exploring the top-level architecture and application technical specification of the world internet of things, he added.

Internet of things is another great revolution after the industrial and information revolution which brings human society into a new era of wisdom besides producing dozens of trillion-dollar economic market.

The WIOTC had been initiated by the World Chinese Business Alliance and many other international business organizations together, he concluded.