Ibn-e-Khaldun literary corner to be established by NBF 

Ibn-e-Khaldun literary corner to be established by NBF 

ISLAMABAD: (APP) National Book Foundation (NBF) is planning to establish 'Ibn-e-Khaldun literary corner' at its Headquarter.

In order to strengthen relations through literature and culture, a special project has been formulated by NBF to prepare corners of brotherly countries national poets and scholars, a senior offcial of NBF told APP here on Friday.

He said that with the assistance of Tunis, "Ibn-e-Khaldun Corner" would be set up by NBF.

"Our culture had deep roots with other countries and Ibn-e-Khaldun corner would be a symbol of warmth, close and better relations between Pakistan and Tunis," he added.

He said that it promotes book reading and partnerships with brotherly countries and also represents the diverse cultural heritage.

He said that NBF has opened doors to collaborate with countries like Tunis to promote common heritage and strengthen up relations between countries.

Ibn Khaldun is the most important figure in the field of history and sociology in Muslim history. He is one of those shining stars that contributed so richly to the understanding of civilization.

He came from a family of scholars and politicians and he intended to live up to both expectations.

Ibn Khaldun was born in Tunis on Ramadan 1, 732 (May 27, 1332).