China tightens control of paid-for internet search ads

China tightens control of paid-for internet search ads

BEIJING: China urged internet search providers to tighten management of paid-for ads.


China’s Cyberspace Administration claimed that search engines should pay responsibility towards paid-for ads and should investigate the aptitude of the client party.


“Internet search providers should earnestly accept corporate responsibility towards society, and strengthen their own management in accordance with the law and rules. To provide objective, fair and authoritative search results to users,” it said.


It claimed that some of the ads are based on rumors, violence and illegal information which mislead people and results against corporate morals and standards.


The statement was released after the death of a student who underwent a cancer treatment found at Baidu Inc, China’s biggest search engine.


Later, Baidu claimed to follow all rules and regulations regarding internet ads searching.


It said “Baidu will work closely with government agencies, internet users and the community to uphold a healthy internet environment, and strive to provide objective, impartial, and authoritative search to our users.”


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