Afghan Taliban reveal desire to meet Pakistani PM Imran Khan

Afghan Taliban reveal desire to meet Pakistani PM Imran Khan

*DOHA: **Afghan Taliban reveal desire to meet Pakistani PM Imran Khan.*

*The Afghan Taliban in a statement today expressed desire to visit Pakistan if the country sent them an invitation.*

The Afghan Taliban said that if they are invited they would surely visit Pakistan and would like to meet the Prime Minister of the country, Imran Khan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had expressed his wish to meet the Afghan Taliban during his recently concluded United States trip.

Khan had said during an interview that he would urge the Afghan Taliban to hold a dialogue with the Kabul government, to solve their disputes amicably.

Afghan Taliban’s politcial office in Doha, Qatar revealed all this in an exclusive interview to the* BBC*.

Earlier on July 23, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the Pakistani nation has rendered 70,000 sacrifices in war against terrorism as a high price of Afghan war but it failed to build firm confidence between Islamabad and Washington, ARY News reported.

PM Khan, while addressing to the US Institute of Peace in Washington, reiterated, “I have always adopted the stance that Afghan issue could be resolved through dialogues. I’ve also asked everyone in the United States that there is no military solution to the issue.”

“US nationals were not aware of the history of Afghanistan,” he added.

The premier said, “At this moment, Pakistan and US ties are on its best level and both countries have a similar stance on the Afghan issue. It happens for the first time that the Pakistani government, US administration and security institutions are on the same page. We could have found a solution with consensus although it is not an easy task.”