NACTA reveals statistics about the National Action Plan


ISLAMABAD: (APP) Coordinator for National Counter-Terrorism Authority (NACTA) Ihsan Ghani on Monday said total 1,808 terrorists had been killed and 5,611 arrested since the National Action Plan (NAP) was launchedlast year.

About 951 of the terrorists were killed in Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA), 455 in Sindh, 197 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), 135 in Punjab, 68 in Balochistan and two in Gilgit Baltistan (GB), he added.

Talking to the media here after a monthly meeting of NACTA about the implementation status of 20 points of NAP, Ihsan Ghani said majority of the terrorists were arrested in Sindh, KP and FATA where their number was 1665, 1572 and 1256 respectively.

Giving details about operations under the NAP, he said 122,772 combing operations were carried out while 142,335 suspects were arrested.

Besides conducting 2,012,765 Stop and Search Operations, around 4,230 Intelligence Based Operations (IBOs) were carried out while 119,794 calls were received at Helpline 1717, he added.

The Coordinator said some 411 executions had been carried out under the NAP, including 380 in Punjab, 18 in Sindh, six in KP, five in Balochistan and two in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

Regarding establishment of Special Trial Courts, he said 11 courts had been notified.

Ihsan Illahi said funds had been provided for NACTA with allotment of premises for it. Joint Intelligence Directorate (JID) was also being established, he added.

With regard to curbing terrorist financing, the Coordinator said 498 first information reports (FIRs) were registered under Hawala Hundi (FIA) and 692 accused were arrested. As part of Anti-Money Laundering measures, the authorities concerned registered 230 FIRs and captured 341 persons while 126 accounts were also frozen.

He said proscribed organizations had been categorized with 43 as violent against the state, 12 as non-violent but anti-state and seven as armed but not anti-state.

Regarding religious persecution, he said data had been collected from different sources to prepare proposals for policymakers.

On the issue of glorification of terrorists, he said, strict implementation was being made through Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Any violation was instantly reported to the quarters concerned and action was taken, he added.

He said a committee had been constituted under Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz to finalize FATA reforms.

Giving data about the Karachi operation, the Coordinator said 69 per cent decrease had been registered in incidents of target killing, 50 per cent in murders, 80 per cent in incidents of terrorism and 30 per cent in robberies.

On the matter of Balochistan reconciliation, Ihsan Ghani said dialogue with exiled Baloch leaders had been initiated.

Regarding incidents of sectarian terrorism, he said some 656 incidents were reported during last six years, 19 of them this year.

He said the date of return for registered Afghan refugees (P.O.R. holders) was December 31, 2016 while for un-documented Afghan refugees was November 15 this year.