Actress Meesha Shafi gets a shutup call

Actress Meesha Shafi gets a shutup call

ISLAMABAD - Actress Meesha Shafi has received a shut up call over her remarks against Ali Zafar.

A sessions court in Lahore on Thursday ordered Meesha Shafi to abstain from making any negative remarks against Ali Zafar over all media platforms, including social media.

The court's decision, which comes as the latest development in the Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi case was read out by Additional Sessions Judge Shakeel Ahmed today after being reserved a day earlier.

Earlier, Zafar had submitted a petition before the court against Shafi, accusing her of appearing before the media and levelling baseless allegations against him. He had requested the court to issue restraining orders against Shafi.

The court heard the arguments from both sides on Wednesday and after accepting Zafar's plea, it ordered Shafi to cease and desist from making defamatory remarks against him.