VIDEO: Kashmiri boy dangerous train stunt goes viral on social media


SRINAGAR - How far would you go for an adrenaline rush? Can you cross any limit to pull off a dangerous stunt and record it on your camera? Well, it seems like some people would go to any heights for a few seconds of their claim to fame — as was seen in the Hyderabad student selfie stunt case.

In another such distressing incident, a Kashmiri man put his life at risk all for just a moment of thrill.

In a 0.39-second video that has gone viral on Twitter, the man can be seen lying on the train tracks only to let the train pass above him, and be victorious without a scratch.

After watching the clip, Twitterati didn’t spare the man and lambasted him for his foolish stunt, as well as the person who captured the entire fiasco on his mobile phone.

Former J&K CM Omar Abdullah also took to Twitter to share the heart-stopping stunt and wrote: “There is something drastically wrong with this sort of adventure seeking.

I can’t believe the stupidity of these young men.” Soon, many others joined him and raised their voice against the risky act.