Pakistan officially responds to the Jalalabad INGO attack by ISIS

Pakistan officially responds to the Jalalabad INGO attack by ISIS

<link>ISLAMABAD- The officials in Islamabad are saying that they are concerned of the rise of the Islamic State affiliates’ activities in Afghanistan as they condemned Wednesday attack on an NGO by the loyalist of the terror group.

“Pakistan condemns the terrorist attack in Jalalabad. We are deeply concerned about the increasing presence of Daesh in Afghanistan,” Dr. Mohammad Faisal, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan said.

The local officials in Nangarhar are saying that a group of insurgents launched a coordinated attack on Save the Children office in the 3rd police district of Jalalabad city at around 9 am on Wednesday.

The officials are saying that the attack was carried out by a group of five insurgents with one of them initially detonating a vehicle packed with the explosives near the NGO office.

According to the local officials, the remaining four militants started clashes with the security forces that lasted for several hours before all of them were shot dead.

At least four people including two employees of the NGO along with one of its security guards and an Afghan security forces member were killed and twenty five others were wounded, the officials said.

The Afghan forces managed to end the siege on the office of the NGO at around 7 pm local time and as a result rescued 46 people including twelve women, according to the provincial officials.

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