Jacket buttons helped police track down Zainab’s suspected murderer: report

Jacket buttons helped police track down Zainab’s suspected murderer: report

Two large jacket buttons helped law enforcement agencies track down the suspected killer of seven-year-old Zainab Ansari in Kasur, a media report said.

The jacket was similar to the one the 23-year-old serial child rapist, Imran Ali, was seen wearing in CCTV footages.

The key evidence was found when investigators raided the suspect’s home after his DNA matched with Zainab’s rapist, an official associated with the investigation told BBC Urdu.

The officer shared the details of how the police went through the investigation process with them.

The Pakistan Forensic Science Agency collected DNA samples of all 1110 suspects and compared each with that of Zainab’s rapist. It was during this tedious process that Imran Ali’s DNA was found to a perfect match with that of Zainab’s rapist.

According to the report, police were later able to arrest the suspect with the assistance of his mother.

According to the officer, finding the jacket among Imran’s belongings helped them make sure that he was indeed the man they were looking for.

Mother knew suspect looked like her son

The officer told BBC Urud that Imran’s mother become suspicious when she saw the CCTV footage on TV and thought the man in the video looked like her son.

Imran told interrogators that he had killed the girls due to the fear of being caught.

The report quoted the unnamed officer saying that the suspect had raped and murdered five in under-construction houses, while three others — including Zainab — were raped and murdered close to the heaps of trash where their bodies were found.


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