Afghan provincial Chief resigns as Taliban siege intensified


*KABUL - Mohammad Arif Shahjahan, Farah’s provincial governor, on Thursday stepped down following Wednesday’s protests over the deteriorating security in the province. *

Shahjahan said that he has resigned due to the increase in insecurity and a split in opinion between residents over the security situation in the province.

Shahjahan has called on the National Unity Government (NUG) to appoint a new governor.

This comes after a source said at least six people were wounded in a shooting during a demonstration outside the governor’s building on Wednesday.

The angry crowd had tried to enter the governor’s building when police fired on them.

This also comes after a few weeks of deteriorating security in the province.

On Friday local officials sharply criticized security institutions for what they called poor war management in the province and said there had been a sharp increase in fatalities among security force members in the province in the past month.

According to them, the security forces have not been able to drive back the Taliban.

Farah deputy governor Mohammad Younus Rasuli criticized government for its poor war management and said the Taliban has positioned itself on the outskirts of Farah city.

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