Pakistan to have state of the art technology park

Pakistan to have state of the art technology park

TPL Properties Limited has recently unveiled its plan to introduce a Technology Park in the Sindh area of Pakistan. This plan is to ensure the acceleration of the IT sector in Pakistan hence leveraging further advancements in different areas such as healthcare, lifestyle, education, and more.

According to the PSX, TPL has acquired nearly 10,002 square yards of land at G-18 in the Korangi Industrial Area. The expected completion time of the park is estimated to be two years which will further involve numerous phases and planning.

The sole vision is to further enhance the tech ecosystem of the country by providing a high-tech platform where technology companies may test and develop new products. This includes hyper-focusing towards the research of new tech trends such as AI, Cloud, Blockchain, and more.

IT parks are now considered as playgrounds for developers and engineers to test and experiment while finding new solutions to better improve the quality of life. Numerous IT parks have been developed in India, the Philippines, and other regions which have significantly boosted the productivity and development of these regions. Similarly, Pakistan is also aiming to achieve such milestones as a special technological zone was recently set up in Islamabad to promote the IT sector.

The government is still working on new methods to further promote the technology sector of the country while meeting the demands of both local and international markets.