NA - 75 re elections: ECP announces the much awaited decision

NA - 75 re elections: ECP announces the much awaited decision

ISLAMABAD - Announcing reserved verdict, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has ordered to hold re-polling at all polling stations in Daska NA-75.

During the hearing, the Election Commission remarked that the election was not fair and transparent during the by-election in NA-75. The ECP declared by-polls held in NA-75 as declared and ordered to hold polling again on March 18.

Earlier today, hearing the arguments, the ECP reserved its verdict on NA-75 Daska by-elections case.

During the hearing, PML-N lawyer Salman Akram Raja has asked the commission to allow him to submit additional documents and proofs but the bench rejected his appeal and remarked, “You have already completed your arguments in previous hearing.”

Meanwhile, PTI lawyer Barrister Ali Zafar has said that the election commission can hold investigation over halting voting process in the constituency but, the inquiry trial is the mandate of Election Tribunal.

PML-N candidate Nosheen Iftikhar demanded to remove all those government officials who were ‘involved’ in electoral fraud during the by poll of NA-75 Daska.

Nosheen Iftikhar stated in her affidavit and written reply submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in connection with alleged irregularities in the by-election of NA-75 Daska. She said that police officer Zulfiqar Virk was not relieved of his security duties despite the ECP orders.

She also said that the disappearance of 20 presiding officers was a shameful incident. "All those government officials who were ‘involved’ in electoral fraud not only be removed from their posts but also given exemplary punishment so that this could act as a deterrent in the future and the ECP could enforce its writ.

The lawyer argued that the Punjab government and the IG had deliberately conspired the systematic rigging during the Daska by polls. "When the Election Commission ordered the removal of Zulfiqar Virk, the Punjab government issued a notification in the full name of Zulfiqar Virk."

This is the case of the state authority which committed fraud in the constituency. Videos presented by the PML-N which was played at the meeting.